No Dal Molin? Yes, we can!

July, 4th Vicenza - Back to the streets Army camps away from our land!

4 / 7 / 2009

Vicenza Indipendence Day

Appeal: on the eve of G8 everybody come to Vicenza

News from the demo:

3.15 p.m. – The head of the demo is moving. The opening banner shows the No Dal Molin slogan: “No Dal Molin? Yes, we can!”
No Dal Molin women are at the head of the domo.

3.45 p.m. – “The militarisation against this demonstration is unacceptable”. These are the first worlds spoken by the sound system. Hundreds of policemen are closing the area.
People ask to have agents moved away.

3.50 p.m. – A helicopter keeps flying over the demo.

4.15 p.m. – The demo is passing by the Commitee No Dal Molin permanent base.

4.30 p.m. – Policemen are in huge numbers. The head of the demo is asking police to move away and have the demo proceed.

4.40 p.m. – The head of demo is set with self-protections. Police is clearly stopping the No Dal Molin mobilisation.

4.50 p.m. – The helicopter is flying very low on demonstrators that are biking towards Dal Molin, it’s trying to make them fall.

4.55 p.m. – More than a police blockade, the demo is facing a denial to right to demonstrate. The demo anyway is slowly moving on.

5 p.m. – The head of the demo stops police. And police throws tear gas against.

5.05 p.m. – The head of the demo is on the bridge. Self-defence fire is being set. Police vans are running towards the bridge.

5.05 p.m. – On the back, demonstrators are just near the rivers, some of them are trying to cross it with a self-made bridge.

5.10 p.m. – Many people are trying to cross the river and then plant freedom flags inside Dal Molin, just a few  steps away from military fields.

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