Take off for Kobane to be Kobane

18 / 10 / 2014

Kobane and the autonomous region Rojava are heroically resisting  ISIS attacks and advance for weeks. Comrades all over the world are looking the images of women and men who are managing to repel ISIS soldiers, day and night, unfailingly and despite scarcity of weapons and backings/helps.  In addition they are gainingground, as is happening at this time. There is no doubt/question that the resistance is the lighthouse in the euro-mediterraneannight, a night made of permanent wars , of forced ruin of constituent and democratic process in favour of a systematic , authoritative division of politic and military power. So it is a lighthouse that offers to us a possibility of identification, an occasion of a new partisan view, as what has belong to us and our history, every time that a resistance and liberation front had opened in a corner of our planet.
In addition, Kobane is close to us. It is located to the slope of that border that has defined, during the years, what mean being out or in between Europe and its other.  On the margin of European citizenship that has employed an inclusion and exclusion policy, through its documents and pacts constituted on a ethnic base and economic convenience.

Furthermore it is important to highlight that Turkey has Erdogan government, the most ambiguous, complicit and hen towards the fearful Islamic-fascist force, against which does not practice any repulsion. Actually it uses the army to control, kill and bomb Kurdish who press to enter in Kurdistan. That Turkey, reflection of Europe and its policy, that we think has to represent, for all the European movements, an unchanging  objective of attack and political claim that aim at the opening of a free outlet, as soon as possible, and the possibility of access of wherewithal and men to support the resistance.

So because of this vicinity that we cannot exempt us to go there. We cannot dispense from leaving our country for Kobane, because we are a generation  that is accustomed to the international mobility, to the abbreviated distances thanks to low cost and to the advantages of being an European citizens. 

Above all we cannot avoid reaching that place because we are comrades so we are committed that the “narrow wall” of Nations have to be overcame in a prospective of autonomous, independent and plural zones as Rojava has to became. 
For these reasons we are going to Kurdistan, from Naples : because of the deep seated conviction that in this country is developing an important struggle to defend the “THIRD WAY”, that is the one that does not choose between the lords of the war and its financiers and that does not bow neither to cynicism of economic fascist decisions of Erdogan government nor to Islamist folly.

We are going there accepting the request that arrives from those territories (few hours ago the platform “Support Kobane” has published a request for material and political help to European movements and citizens and not only https://www.facebook.com/pages/Support-Kobane-Donate-to-show-practical-solidarity-with-Kobane/606733109436719).
We are going there really interested in those endless influxof Kurd people, maybe someone is obliged to war for decades, others – probably- to the infighting of metropolis who take off for the borders, from Turkish cities, to participate actively to the recapture of territories occupied by ISIS. That confines is not accessible for Kurdish while is completely free for ISIS, for the transit of supplies, arms and heavy vehicles whereby ISIS practice the permanent siege in Kurdistan and not only.
Probably this is one of the greatest and most shameful responsibilities of Erdogan government that are covered up by western powers which stand still and unconcerned but indignant,  while Kobane resist alone and ISIS gains ground “plundering” the freedom.

In order to contribute to break the silence and the state of solitude and fell-good rethoric of media main stream that it is necessary to go there to relate to make Kobane struggle the one of every anti-authoritarian and libertarian movements that live in the European –and not only- space.
Surely what is possible to say before leaving for Kurdistan, is that in that courage, in that perseverance to “press” at the border, thatcapacity to organize mobilizations diffused in “sensitive” places(airports, institutional palaces, symbolic places of political decision), we recognize a revolutionary practice that can and has to learn a lot. Above all it has to learn to consider always the singularity of conflicting contests, to do not interpret them through the analytic and conceptual views that are more familiar to us, otherwise it is possible to lose the thread that surely connect the stones thrown by Kurdish, in Taksim, to defend Gezi Park and Kobane resistance.

In order to protect this singularity, against the extreme trivialization showed by social networks and that are risking to move the attention from what are the most interesting and peculiar aspects of the resistance, that we are going to try to understand. 
Our wish , that is also the sense of these words written before the departure, is the creation of a significant support network and diffusion of what we will tell, but above the born of the will to do the same in much more comrades : the need to start out on the Turkish border, to reveal murderer policy of Erdogan government and – above all – to break the silence to define a new euro-mediterranean space of conflicts.
Kobane is for us. For everyone who still resist.


Rojava rights document :  http://www.uikionlus.com/carta-del-contratto-sociale-del-rojava-siria/
#supportKobane https://www.facebook.com/pages/Support-Kobane-Donate-to-show-practical-solidarity-with-Kobane/606733109436719  

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