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Call for an international mobilisation to stop the massacre of migrants in the sea, for the opening of humanitarian corridors, for the acknowledgement of a European right of asylum, for an upright welcoming system and freedom of movement in Europe.

10 / 9 / 2015

The groups which have assumed the call will participate to the three days of international mobilisation in Brussel on the 15th, 16th and 17th of October during the Eurosummit. The first meeting point will be on the 15th inside the blockade built together with migrants and sans papiers in order to claim a Europe without austerity and borders. The block will define another concept of European citizenship. The meeting point is at 12.00 o’ clock in 21 Avenue de la Joyeuse Entrée

Call for an international mobilisation to stop the massacre of migrants in the sea, for the opening of humanitarian corridors, for the acknowledgement of a European right of asylum, for an upright welcoming system and freedom of movement in Europe.

Once more there are more deaths, those of today are added to those of yesterday, to those of the past months and of the past years. We can’t keep on talking about "tragedies of the sea " with this so high numbers : now we must talk about horror.

A horror produced by those who are unable to imagine a different future, those who are inward-looking because of the fear of losing what they own. And they create but deeper and deeper inequalities.The migration phenomenon cannot be stopped: no need to strengthen borders , increase controls, install cameras, to build walls or to enable any other device of closure.

Ventimiglia in Italy, Kos in Greece, Calais in France, Gevgelija in Macedonia, Subotica in Serbia, the Hungarian walls and the blocked trains in Budapest: we see a complex reality where there are those who struggle for the acknowledgement of their rights giving up to believe to the fairy tale of the  welcoming Europe, and those who are tirelessly trying to get the permission to stay.

Since the beginning of 2015 has substantially increased the number of migrants arriving in those countries which are the “main entrance” into the European Union due to their geographical location.

Too many people have lost their lives or have been victims of abuse: the photos of women, men and children stricken by the dangers of their journey towards Europe can’t be unresponsive. They are a weight that is becoming  unbearable to have on our shoulders.Migration in Europe can’t neither be stopped nor resolved by rejecting those who come by applying restrictive laws that produce migrants’ illegal status.

The European prime ministers boast operations to directly punish human traffickers: no results, just wasted words to clean up their conscience.

The solution to be taken should be the establishment of humanitarian corridors to facilitate the safe arrival of those who decide to run away from their land. Also,  the possibility to obtain asylum in places equipped near the borders should be granted.

The overflowing racism endorsed by the extreme right parties cloaks a guilty economical system which struggles to exit the crisis: neoliberalism is the real cause of austerity, not migrants.

Our call, our aim, is to build together with movements, the anti-racists of Europe, the associations and all those who think of Europe in inhuman terms when it comes to manage the arrival of the outsiders of its “fortress”, a European day of mobilisation in Brussels. We want to claim the opening of humanitarian corridors allowing  safe travels from Libya, Egypt, Morocco, Syria, Afghanistan and from all those border areas representing the escape routes for fleeing people.

Besides, we should consider the welcoming treatment / hospitality as a fundamental right of the people, especially in a time like present days marked by global and climate changes which make people move in search of a better future in other countries .

We can’t make the mistake of distinguishing war refugees from economic migrants when the social, economical and natural environment in which the latter live jeopardizes the possibility of a full existence. It’s a danger  for their lives that is often a consequence of the Europe’s colonial past and present days. After all, is there any difference between fleeing  a war-zone country and escaping from a place where deep and daily poverty affects peoples’ lives?

The welcoming system should be upright and equally worthy in all European countries. Both the possibility of access to asylum and the form of the welcoming system and treatment have to be brought to the highest standards. Europe should give a unique answer to this issue; it shouldn’t delegate to each country the management of hospitality policy, because it often leads to inhuman and degrading treatment.We live in a Europe in crisis of solidarity and humanity with no courage to look its victims into their eyes. Europe  is co-responsible for the causes that determine the escapes from the origin countries.In addition to trade agreements with third countries, from North Africa to the asian borders, Europe should stipulate humanitarian agreements for the creation of guaranteed routes. It is time to stop trading European common economical resources in exchange for police borders control.European policy should put at the center of its interests not the austerity regime, but civil and social rights. It should promote freedom and not the patrolling of the borders.

Today, more than ever, it’s needed:

- The opening of humanitarian corridors for safe arrivals in order to put an end to the tragedies of the sea and lands;

-   The regularisation of migrants without any documents who are already living in Europe;

- an European asylum right to overcome the Dublin Regulation which force migrants to apply for asylum in the first EU country they encounter on their way.

Migrants should have the right to get a granted asylum in any country and then they should be free to move within Europe.

We need to close all the detention centres in Europe in order to create a well-functioning and life-respecting welcoming system.There is no other way: either we realize that the future of those who escape from wars and poverty is the same one as Europe’s, or the European Union will transform in a Continent of cruel conflicts. Migrants’ destiny is our destiny.

Together for the globalization of rights and freedom of movement.

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