SiAmo Afrin (We Are Afrin) Global Fundraiser Campaign

24 / 4 / 2018

Because everyone deserves to live in peace and free from fascism.

Afrin and its multicultural, radical democracy deserves a chance! 

A Global Campaign is being launched by solidarity groups and activists to break the international silence on the Turkish invasion of Afrin and the humanitarian disaster caused. Following the launch of the “Operation Olive Branch” by Turkey, the peaceful, multicultural, democratic canton of Afrin in Rojava (northern Syria) was invaded, looted, burned and destroyed. An estimated 450,000 people fled in terror as the Turkish forces and its allied jihadists, many with roots in al-Qaeda and ISIS took over the city. The displaced are currently living in the open, lacking basic necessities including food, water and baby formula. Diseases such as Tuberculosis are not only present but spreading fast as there is a lack of medicine and medical equipment. 

Local NGOs have attempted to support the displaced including Kurdish Red Crescent (KRC) and Hêvî Foundation. In Shahba KRC has established two urgent camps called Berxwedan and Serdem. However, their capacity is extremely limited especially in light of total inaction from international NGOs, many of whom are present in Syria. Thousands still live in the open under plastic, makeshift shelters. 

The Afrin invasion has not only resulted in a massive humanitarian crisis but also endangered the peaceful, multicultural, radical democracy based on gender liberation and ecological sustainability in Rojava. While the invasion was targeted towards the Kurds and engaged in ethnic cleansing and demographic changes, it also threatens other ethnic and religious minority groups like the Yezidis and Christians who are currently subjected to forced conversions to Islam by Turkish forces and allied jihadists. 

The invasion has global implications asthe Kurdish forces of YPG-YPJ were the most successful in the fight against ISIS. However, following Afrin the Kurdish forces have been attempting to protect the civilians leading to a worrying rise in ISIS activity again. As a result of the ongoing silence of the international community to condemn the Turkish invasion of Afrin, as well as the failure of international aid organizations to provide humanitarian aid to the displaced civilians a global call is being made by all solidarity groups, activists and associations to participate in the “SiAmo Afrin” (We Are Afrin) campaign. 

The campaign is organized with Italian NGO GUS (Gruppo Umana Solidarietà) and local NGO in Rojava Hêvî Foundation. 

The campaign will launch from Italy on the 25th of April to coincide with the 73rd anniversary of liberation of Italy from nazi fascism but will spread globally and end with an international delegation arriving in Rojava on the 2nd of June to hand over the funds. 

The objective of the campaign is as follows: 

 Raise urgent funds for Afrin displaced 

 Condemn global silence and government inaction 

 Condemn lack of international aid to Afrin 

 Send an international solidarity delegation to Rojava 

 Highlight media hypocrisy in lack of attention on Afrin in Syria 

 Generate media attention on ongoing Turkish aggression towards Kurds and other minorities 

 To support the revolutionary, democratic forces of Rojava




Facebook: Si Amo Afrin Twitter: @SiAmoAfrin 

Crowdfunding HERE:

Have joined: 0161 Festival, Centri Sociali delle Marche, Centri Sociali del Nord Est, Csa Magazzino 47, Collettivo Sguaraunda, Ex Opg - Je so’ pazzo, green Left Weekly, Gus, Hêvî Foundation, Kascina Autogestita Popolare, Kevok Foundation, Kurdistan Solidarity Campaign, Infoaut, Istituto kurdo, Laboratorio Sociale Alessandria, la Cupa Ancona, Magazzino 47, Manchester Antifascists, Mezzocannone Occupato, Naka - North American Kurdish Alliance, No dal Molin, N.D.O., Osservatorio di genere, Pacì Paciana, Pontid’amore, Progetto Diritti Onlus, Radio 4 Rojava, Radio Onda D'urto, Red Front Republic, Rojava Poland, Rojava Solidarity Sydney, - SAR, SRQ, Stop Sfratti, Ya Basta Êdî Bese, Yabasta! Marche, Yabasta! Perugia.


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