Second direct action at Venice Climate Camp

6 / 9 / 2019

This afternoon around twenty ships, whit an international delegation on board, moved from Lido di Venezia to Canale della Giudecca in order to disturb the big cruise ship that was crossing the canal today. At the same time, around 400 people marched from the Camp towards Santa Maria Elisabetta pier. They marched to support the activists that were on boat and performed a die-in asking climate and social justice. A paper ship was used as a symbol of the protest, to make clear that the "monsters" must stay out of the lagoon.

Big cruise ships environmental impact clearly shows, at both local and global level, the relationship between the current development model, along with land exploitment and climate crisis. In Venice, as everywhere else, environmental destruction, touristification and exctractivism of land resources have a huge effect on the climate.

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