Freedom for Climate Prisoners

Set them free. Luca libero, liberi tutti.

24 / 12 / 2009

Since december 14th it's started in Italy the "Freedom for climate prisoners" public campaign in order to put pressure and to support solidarity actions and petitions for all the people still kept in the danish jails.

One more time a solidarity action took place inside the Danish consulate in the city of Ancona, demanding the freedom of Luca Tornatore and the other climate prisoners.

Luca Tornatore, a letter from jail: a voice from climate prisoners

news and updates: climate justice action

Press release from Comunità Resistenti delle Marche (network SeeYouInCopenhagen - SYInC)

On wednesday, the 23th of December, around 17.00 p.m., fifty activists of the Comunità Resistenti delle Marche occupied the Danish Consulate in the city of Ancona.

A communicative action to demand immediately freedom for Luca Tornatore, arrested during the mobilizations at COP15 in Denmark.

Luca was one of the public and important spokesman of the network See you in Copenhagen, offering to the movement his knowledge as astrophysic researcher at the Trieste University, his face and his ideas.

Because of his ideas and for having publicly expressed them Luca was arrested in the absurd night of police round-up.

A press conference was organized during the occupation of the danish consulate, sending a document via fax to the Danish Embassy of Rome and to the Danish Government, demanding the freedom for Luca.

After the occupation a small and spontaneous demo  moved through the central streets of downtown Ancona, blocking the traffic and explaing to the people what happened in Copenhagen.

Luca Libero, liberi tutti.

Freedom for climate prisoners.

Send a postcard to Luca: just download and print it!

Petitions and solidarity actions for Luca and Climate Prisoners in Copenhagen

Petition on line - freedom for Luca Tornatore

from Micromega Libertà per Luca Tornatore

Solidarity actions and political initiatives in front of Danish consulates

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Venice: press conference in front of the Danish Consulate

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Naples: danish consulate - sit in

Genoa: danish consulate - manifestation

Sanremo: Manifestation in front of the Danish consulate

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venezia, davanti al consolato danese

Ancona - occupazione consolato danese

Occupied danish consulate