Verso il meeting europeo che si terrà a Bologna il 6 e 7 maggio 2010

Bologna calls against Bologna Process

19 / 4 / 2010

Bologna transnational meeting on May 6 and 7 2010 - Connecting transnational struggles, building alternative universities. Why meeting in Bologna ten years later? Over the last few years, university struggles have spread all over Europe, strongly opposing and throwing into crisis the university reforms made under the Bologna Process.

We the students, researchers and precarious workers from European universities have definitely shown that we don't want a privatized and low-quality education system and that we will reclaim the power to make decisions regarding our own education and lives.

In March 2010, the “Bologna Burns” counter-summit in Wien was a very important moment for everyone who is fighting against the Bologna Process.

We met thousands of other people from all across Europe, we disrupted the Ministers' celebration, we shared our experiences of struggles and decided to connect ourselves on a self-organized and transnational basis. Now is the moment to continue, not only opposing the Bologna Process, but also trying to imagine together how to transform, collectively and from below, the education system we all are involved in; how to create a different university, made up of our struggles and our desires.

That's what we'd like to start at the Bologna meeting, that's why we are inviting all of you here on May 6,7 2010.Bologna is, of course, the city where European ministers declared war against public university, the symbol of deskilling, hierarchisation and exploitation in the education system.

However, Bologna is also a university and a city where students and precarious workers have rebelled with force – just like in many other Italian universities – against these disastrous education reforms; in 2008-2009 we took part in “Anomalous Wave” movement and we still maintain a space of resistance against the Bologna Process.
We want to create a European network of struggles for a different and better education. We think it is important to meet in Bologna today, to bring all the struggle experiences from everywhere in Europe here and subvert the meaning of the Bologna Process.

Ten years ago, the Bologna Process of privatization and standardization of European universities started. It has completely failed, we made it fail. Ten years later, we have the chance to start a new Bologna process of struggles and movements that aims to liberate production and knowledge sharing, empower students to gain new rights for themselves, researchers and precarious workers all over Europe

Our Bologna meeting in May will be simultaneous with many other movement meetings taking place – in Madrid and Barcelona, in Paris, London, and Bochum as well, and will be another step towards our self-organization.

Wien's final common paper is starting point and a landmark, in Bologna we will discuss these issues in depth: sabotaging privatization processes and tuition fees, different and critical knowledge sharing, democracy and self-organization inside (and outside) universities and, more in general, how to create and strengthen common claims and practices.

We propose a seminar, two thematic workshops and a plenary assembly as to discuss our issues from many points of view.

We hope that many of you will share this moment with us.

See you in Bologna!
Let's build another university! Let's start it now!


Thursday May 6 - Aula 3 (Via Zamboni 38)

h. 9.30: Introduction- Uniriot network

h. 10-13.30: Conference

"Bologna Process in the Double Crisis: Knowledge Production and Movements in the Global University"

Introduction: Gigi Roggero (edu-factory collective - Università di Bologna)

Presentations: Martin Birkner (Grundrisse Vienna); Joan Miquel Gual (Universidad Nómada - Exit Barcelona); Alexei Penzin (Chto Delat? - Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences of Moscow); Judith Revel (Uninomade - Université de Paris I).

h. 15-19: Make Bologna History!


"Knowledge, Teaching and Research"

"Precarity, Exploitation and Education Market"

Friday May 7 - Aula 3 (Via Zamboni 38)

h. 10-14: Transnational Plenary Assembly

INFO:   +39 349 4040526 begin_of_the_skype_h-ighlighting              +39 349 4040526      end_of_the_skype_hig-hlighting begin_of_the_skype_h-ighlighting              +39 349 4040526      end_of_the_skype_hig-hlighting

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